We take our environmental responsibility very seriously at Molygran, and our Waste Strategy includes a continuous improvement cycle to ensure that we are always looking for ways in which to do better Nothing goes to landfill.

What do we do to make a difference?


Polystyrene is 98% air, is neither noxious or in any way a risk to health and does not contain CFC or HCFC gases that are harmful to the ozone layer, nor use them in its manufacturing process. EPS has a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) rating. It is 100% recyclable, Molygran recycles all its unused EPS.

EPS is commonly used for environmentally friendly purposes. From its use for thermal insulation in the construction industry, this contributes significant savings on heating and cooling buildings and a drastic reduction in the emission of polluting gases CO² and SO². Alternatively basic packaging solutions are designed to minimise breakages and the need for additional production and transportation.

Waste Minimisation through Lean Manufacturing

Our experienced staff, coupled with our sophisticated CNC machinery means that we are constantly finding ways to improve the manufacturing process, and therefore improve our customer satisfaction levels.

We have introduced a lean manufacturing philosophy. This means that we are constantly looking to improve our processes, reducing all waste including over production, defects, off-cuts and waiting time.

These factors contribute to our already incredibly high customer satisfaction ratings and our incredibly low return rates.


Finally, nothing goes to landfill from Molygran, the little waste that we do produce is 100% recycled into filling for soft toys and a variety of other uses.