Molygran 115-119 Bury Road

Existing site of Molygran 115-119 Bury Road

Molygran have been based on Bury Road, Radcliffe for the past 10 years and enter into our 36th year of trade this year.  We have been struggling with lack usable space which has inhibited our growth, not only into new markets but also exporting. With new product developments already underway with export potential we began looking into how or where to produce these.

Working with Tracy Eyres, a business advisor at the Business Growth Hub, we looked into buying both land and property across Bury. We needed enough space to expand both our factory facility and our office, however no suitable sites were available. The solution soon became clear- extend our existing building.


Tracy approached the Greater Manchester Export Fund and liaised with the council’s planning department. Construction is now underway to improve the factory and extending and refurbishing our office building.

Keep an eye out for our update once the work is complete. For now, you’ll find us in our temporary accommodation just to the right of the factory doors from the main entrance…






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