RECYCLINGExpanded polystyrene is up to 98% air but we recognise that any oil based product has environmental impact and we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously.

For some time our policy has been to ensure that 100% of the polystyrene we convert is either sold as finished product or recycled……..but we are always looking to do better.

Different forms of recycling have different environmental impacts. After careful research we have concluded that the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of our waste is to place it back in the supply chain for melting down to be used in the production of other forms of plastic products.

To facilitate this we have researched the market and made a substantial investment in market leading compaction equipment from KBM in Denmark. The compacted waste re-enters the supply chain at a more environmentally friendly position and requires less transport than other methods of disposal…..both of which reduce our overall carbon footprint.

Our waste will not be your problem……..but it could end up in your wardrobe as a coat hanger!



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