We supply simple polystyrene blocks and sheets for sound and heat insulation.

However, our specialism is complex CNC cut and assembled products tailor made specifically to your needs, helping you to resolve the challenges that you face.

Previously we have helped Civil Engineering clients in major Road, Rail and Drainage projects; Mechanical Engineering clients in the power industries and also industrial process solutions.

Our clients have asked for our assistance with such items as:

  • Prevention of Cold Bridging
  • Bridge, rail and road widening schemes
  • Buried Utilities protection
  • Refractory linings in the power industries
  • and many more industrial process solutions

We also supply items such as bespoke void formers, column formers, lintel fills, bolt boxes.

EPS possesses the three things which are crucial to engineering and construction - economy, performance and sustainability.

Only EPS offers this unique combination of attributes and advantages which has led to it being the leading choice for decades for architects and the construction sector in general.

Other Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • High Strength & Structural Stability
  • Insulation
  • Design Versatility
  • Resistance to Water Ingress
  • Safety in Installation and Use

EPS is ideally suited for many applications including the following:

  • Roof, floor and wall insulation
  • Sub-structures and void-fill blocks for civil engineering
  • Foundation systems
  • Clay Heave protection
  • Underground heating system support
  • Interior and exterior decorative mouldings

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