Are you looking for a solution to a design challenge or perhaps a better way to present your product?

We create stunning items from polystyrene, in any size.

Never considered using polystyrene?

It can enhance your party decorations or your display stand. It can transform your float in the carnival or your venue on Valentine’s Day. And if you need that one prop for your production you can’t seem to get hold of, try us. You’ll be surprised at what we can do.

Our exhibition range focuses on displaying your product on your stand to its full potential. We don’t draw attention to our products; we draw attention to yours.

We specialise in bespoke designs for corporate themed events, television companies and marketing campaigns. From small scale items such as polystyrene letters and numbers, all the way through to one off structures and props and merchandising and seasonal displays, we can provide the missing link in your stunning display. We work with small companies and individuals, such as Sculptors and Model Makers, as well as many different merchandisers and large organisations such as the major TV companies.

Examples of these projects include:

  • A giant mobile phone for an advertising campaign
  • An imitation wrought iron gate for the TV soap Emmerdale
  • Numerous thrones for a Shakespearean production at Harrogate Theatre.
  • Polystyrene shapes for a stunning retail window display at a major high street store
  • Cake board dummies
  • Carpet display boards
We have in house experts who can help you to consider how you could use polystyrene to achieve your design, display or merchandising solution. Please feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.